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  • What is international roaming?
  • Can anyone call me on my new mobile number?
  • Is my mobile phone unlocked?
  • Do you sell mobile phones?
  • How do I top-up my prepay SIM Card?
  • Does the SIM include Voicemail?
  • What is GSM?
  • What is a SIM Card?
  • I have inserted my new SIM card, but my mobile phone does not work.
  • I can’t remember my mobile number.

    SIM44 Getting Started
Placing Your Order
Placing your order with us is a snap! Just click on the “Buy Now” button displayed throughout this Website to access our online Order Form.

Delivery Charges
Complete delivery information will be provided at the time of your order.

Payment Methods
We accept MasterCard, Visa Cards. Wire transfers are accepted for purchase of prepay minutes. For wire information, please contact Customer Service.

Where is my order?
If you received a shipment confirmation more than seven days ago for first class delivery within the UK or EU and if you have still not received your shipment, please contact us. If you elected to have your mail shipped by priority mail delivery service, please reference the tracking number from the shipping vendor for the status of your delivery.

Our Returns Policy
Providing you, our valuable Customer, with a positive experience is our top priority. However, we all know that sometimes, something is bound to go wrong, so we will do our best to resolve any problems to your satisfaction. To contact Customer Service, please click here.
    Making Calls
Networking Guide For detailed instruction on how to use your SIM and it's suite of features, please download a copy of our Network Guide
What is international roaming?
“Roaming” is when you use your mobile phone outside of your operator’s local coverage area or home calling area or in another country. For example, if you take your UK mobile abroad, you will roam onto an overseas operator’s network. Traditional “Roaming” calls are very expensive to make and receive, even for just a few calls while you are away.

Can anyone call me on my new mobile number?
Yes, your number works like any other mobile telephone number. Your number is a UK number – therefore, make sure you tell people outside the U.K. that they will be dialling an international number. Give them the full number, including the country code (+44).

Is my mobile phone unlocked?
Your mobile phone must be unlocked for the SIM card to work. An easy way to test this is to insert a SIM card from a different network into your phone. For example, if you have a T-Mobile SIM card, try inserting a friend’s SIM Card from a different network (e.g. a Vodaphone SIM card). If your phone operates normally, it is unlocked. However, if you receive a strange message on your screen, your phone is locked and you will need to visit your mobile operator and request an “unlock code.”
Most mobile phone shops can usually unlock your phone in a matter of minutes, and typically charge around £7 for the service.
If you still need help, please email our Customer Services.

Do you sell mobile phones?
We do sell mobile phones, with an expanding variety added on a regular basis. All our phones are sold un-locked and have been tested to work with our Global SIM Card. See our online store for more details click here.

How do I top-up my prepay SIM Card?
You can purchase additional top-up credit from within the online account associated with your SIM card – your login details are provided as part of your SIM Pack.

Does the SIM include Voicemail?
Yes! The service offers full Voicemail functionality. For more information on how to check your Voicemail messages, please reference the Network Guide that came with your SIM card package.

What is GSM?
GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. This technology was originally developed as a pan-European standard for digital mobile telephony, but it has quickly become the world’s most widely used mobile system. In Europe, Asia, and Australia, GSM operates on the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies. In North and South America, GSM occupies the 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies. The Global SIM Card works with all these frequencies.

What is a SIM Card?
SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. A SIM card is just a small circuit board that must be inserted into the back of your GSM based mobile phone. This small card contains all your subscriber details and directory data, and acts like the brain of your mobile phone.

To insert your new SIM card in your mobile phone, just follow these simple instructions:
• locate the plastic SIM card in your shipment;

• break out the small chip (the SIM card) from this plastic card;

• open the back of your phone, remove the battery and identify the SIM card holder slot;

• if present, remove the existing SIM card in the phone;

• place the new global SIM chip in this slot, with the gold contact side facing down;

• replace the battery and the cover; and

• power-on your mobile phone.

For more detail on how to insert your SIM card, please refer to the Network Guide (instruction manual) that came with your mobile phone.

I have inserted my new SIM card, but my mobile phone does not work.
Your mobile phone may not be receiving a signal from the local GSM network. When this happens, you will need to manually search for a mobile GSM network operator. All mobile phones are different, so you will need to reference the Network Guide (instruction manual) that came with your mobile phone.
Check to make sure that your phone is not locked. If necessary, please follow the unlock directions, or purchase a new unlocked phone. It is also possible that your phone is an older model and cannot properly read the inserted SIM card, in such case you will need to purchase a new unlocked phone.

I can’t remember my mobile number.
If you dial 133 from your Global SIM then a message will be returned to your handset which details the telephone number.
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