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SIM44 consists of a group of diversified professionals, with backgrounds in: Business Management; Finance; Direct Sales; Telecom technology; Computer Systems Development & Applications and Wholesale Telecom.
Our physical offices are currently located in Canada, UK, and Lebanon. We expect to open offices World Wide.
SIM44 is currently building a Direct Marketing Sales organization – targeting consumer and business markets with what we believe are the most exciting products and services in today’s Telecom world. Our initial focus is developing markets in the Middleast, Africa and the European Union, to be followed by Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific.
If you have interest in exploring a sales opportunity with SIM44, please contact sales@sim44.com. We will be delighted to send you material explaining the SIM44 opportunity we can offer you in greater detail.
From time to time, we seek to expand our personnel in the following areas:

  • Customer Service (Eroupe,Africa,Middleast, Arabian Gulf)

  • Executive Management, including Business Development and Marketing (Europe. Central and South America and Asia-Pacific –and Africa


If there are specific positions open, we will post the information here, with specific qualifications. If you would like to be considered for any position which is not listed, we would be happy to review your application and, if we have no relevant position immediately available, to keep your personal details on file.
Please email your CV to us at: work@sim44.com

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