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Welcome to SIM44, a revolutionary, global service for GSM mobile phones.SIM44’s global SIM card is designed to dramatically reduce your roaming costs and simplify your communications.

In order for your new global SIM card to function properly, please ensure that your mobile phone is unlocked.

When you originally purchased your phone from your mobile telecom operator, it’s likely that your operator may have “locked” your mobile to prevent its use with other mobile operators’ SIM cards.

If this is the case, please call your mobile operator and request an “unlock code.” They are obliged to unlock the phone however, there may be conditions (cost) associated with this. They will advise you.

   The enclosed SIM Card connects you to the SIM44 Global Network.
  1. Break out the SIM Card from the plastic card – see above
  2. Insert the SIM Card into your phone
  3. Charge your battery
  4. Switch your phone on
  5. Enter your four digit PIN Code*
  6. Make your call


* Note: Your PIN code is a four digit code located on the PIN/PUK information card that accompanies your new SIM Card. Whenever you power your phone on, you will be asked to enter this number. Please enter the PIN correctly. The service will be blocked if the PIN is entered incorrectly three times during log-in. In the case of your having to re-set your PIN (e.g. due to having forgotten your PIN), enter the PUK code and then your new PIN.

   Making Calls

  • If your service is prepaid, you must have call credit on your account to make calls.
  • Always dial numbers with the full international dialing code (even if you are calling within a country. (ex: +44 7624 xxxxxx)
  • After dialing the number, there will be a slight pause, as the service rings you back to connect your call. Answer normally. Ignore any messages the phone may display during this process.

   Receiving Calls

Your new global number is a UK-based phone number. Give this number to anyone you wish to have dial you*.

* Note: In order for someone to call your new global number from the USA, the correct sequence is to dial 011 first, followed by your number (011 44 7624 xxxxxx)

   Check Card Balance
For prepay accounts, dial “187” to check your account balance. After each call, the system will notify you of the most recent call cost and your remaining account balance.
   Recharging Your Account (adding credit)
For prepay users, you can purchase additional credit from the website. (www.sim44.com) alternatively, additional credit can be purchased from your mobile phone by contacting Customer Service (Dial “154”).
   Viewing Your Statement Online

You can access the web interface, which allows you to view your call details and billing records. Go to www.sim44.com and login. Your User Name and Password have been provided with the SIM Card package (Note: the default User Name is your new global phone number).

If you lost your login information, or you are having troubles accessing your account, contact Customer Service (Dial “154”).

   Using Voicemail

Voicemail is automatically enabled on your account. An inbound caller will be directed to Voicemail if you don’t answer within 30 seconds or if your phone is switched off. You will be sent a text message indicating the presence of each Voicemail.

To retrieve Voicemail, you have three options:

  1. General Access: To access all messages, dial “121”. Your messages will play in order of last received. Voice prompts will guide you to skip, replay and delete messages.
  2. Online Access: Use your login to access your personal account on the website (Note: your login details have been provided with your SIM card package).
  3. Select the “Profile” tab and click “Incoming Calls.” Look for the Voicemail section. For any Voicemail which is present, clicking “Play” will open your media player and the message will automatically play.

NOTE: There is no charge for retrieving Voicemail online. Voicemail will be stored on the system for a maximum of 90 days before it is automatically deleted. If you choose to save a message, it will be saved for 90 days and then deleted.

To control Voicemail, you have these options:

  • 121 Access Messages (plays in the order of last received)
  • 122 Turns Voicemail On
  • 122xx Sets the time interval before Voicemail starts; e.g. 12245 = if no answer, Voicemail begins after 45 seconds.
    (Default is 30 sec)
  • 123 Turn Voicemail off (disable)
  • 125 Check Settings (indicates your Voicemail settings)
   Text Messages

Your new global SIM supports standard text messaging (SMS) for incoming and outgoing messages.


If you are experiencing any technical difficulty, please refer to the following tips. If this does not resolve your problem, please contact Customer Service (see Help below)

  • Cannot Make Calls:
    1. Check to make sure your SIM is properly installed;
    2. Make sure you are getting a signal;
    3. If there is no coverage (network not available), yet you know mobile services exists in the area, it’s possible that we do not have roaming agreements in that country. Please check online (see “In What Countries Will My Global SIM Work?”); and
    4. If you are a prepay user, make sure you have credit in your account allowing you to make calls.
  • Call Quality Issues:
    1. If the quality of your call is bad, ensure you have a proper signal. If you have good signal, the line may be at fault - please hang-up and redial. If that does not resolve the problem, please alert Customer Service.
  • Cannot Access Voicemail:
    1. Go to the Voicemail section and try all methods to access your Voicemail. If that does not resolve the problem, please alert Customer Service
  • Cannot recharge my Prepay Account:
    1. If you are using a prepay card’s recharge / top-up code, make sure you are entering the proper number.
    2. Make sure you are sending that code to the number stored on your global SIM card
   Special Features
  • Call Recording:
    To record any of your calls, press # *1. To turn the recording feature off, press #*2.
  • To listen to any recorded call:
    Go online and login (User name and Password have been provided in the SIM44 Card package). Navigate to the “Billing” section and look at your calls’ details. Find the call that was made and you will see a “cassette” icon. Click on the icon and your media player will open and the recording will start. Your PC must be properly set up with speakers or a headphone to listen to the recording.
  • Conference Calling:
    With your new global SIM44 card, you may turn any call into a Conference Call. Once you have the first person on the line, simply dial #*3. You will then hear a voice prompt asking you to enter a new number. Within moments, that person will be added to your conference call. Repeat this sequence to add additional parties to the conference.
   Service Life

Both prepay and standard cards have a fixed service life of one year. Please note: cards can be extended for an additional year, by paying a renewal fee. Please contact your retailer or agent for additional details.

   In What Countries Will My Global SIM Work?

For a complete list of countries where your new global SIM is supported, please refer to our website at: www.sim44.com/roaming.htm


SIM44 is committed to providing the finest customer service possible. Currently, Customer Service is available during day-time hours only in the Canada from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. We gladly accept phone calls, however for hours we are not available, we ask that you send an email indicating the nature of the problem. We will promptly contact you at our first opportunity.

Please note: In the near future, we anticipate extending Customer Service hours to 24 hours a day, available to anyone anywhere in the world.

Contact Customer Service:

By Phone: Dial “154” or +447624129416 directly.
By Email: support@sim44.com
Please visit our Website: www.sim44.com for additional information.

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