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About SIM44 Global Sim Card
What is a SIM44 Sim Card?


Our service is easy to use - all you have to do is swap your existing SIM card for our SIM44 Sim Card- or buy one of our mobile phones with the SIM card already installed.
Designed for international travelers; be they business people, tourists or students, we offer the following:

• no roaming charges;

• incoming calls into are free;*

• redirect your incoming SIM44 Sim Card calls to any fixed-line or mobile phone number you select, free;*

• compatible with any multi-band GSM mobile phone that is "unlocked";

• not calling-card based, thus neither a PIN nor an access code are required;

• easy to use – just insert the SIM44 Sim Card in your phone – and then make calls as you usually do

This SIM44 Sim Card is an innovative mobile service specifically designed to reduce the cost of mobile telephone calls for international travelers.
Our customers pay substantially discounted rates saving up to 90% compared with the usual roaming + international call charges imposed by traditional mobile operators. Better yet, incoming calls are absolutely free in most countries!
If you use another mobile operator’s service while overseas, you expect to pay exorbitant roaming rates for both incoming and outgoing mobile calls. By comparison, we provide all the convenience of single global phone number and world-wide roaming, but at truly affordable rates!

* Surcharges or fees may apply to certain locations; check the rates calculator for up-to-date pricing.
    SIM44 Features & benefits
The SIM44 Sim Card features innovative services that can save you a great deal of money when you use your mobile phone while abroad. Choose either prepay billing or postpaid billing options. The SIM44 Sim Card is simple to use, and offers a broad range of features!
The SIM44 Sim Card includes the following functionality:
Standard 2-way Calling:
• low cost mobile calling from any roaming location;
• all your phone features are supported; and
• Works with most late-model GSM phones.
Conference Calling:
• instantly conference an unlimited number participants, all at the lowest cost;
• no call reservations or conference bridges are required; and
• Built-in, optional call recording.
Text messaging:
• low cost 2-way SMS and MMS text messaging
Call forwarding
• Re-direct your incoming calls to any fixed line or mobile number free. *
Online access:
• check your billing details real time
• change voicemail features
• enable call forwarding
• listen to recorded calls (free)
• listen to voicemail (free)
• use the built-in call manager to make low cost calls
* Surcharges may apply to certain locations.
Billing / Help:
• Per minute billing;
• no surcharges, no minimums and no connect fees;
• free Account Balance;
• free itemized, online and real-time call details, including log of Voicemail calls; and
• Help Desk Calls.

Integrated Voicemail:

• receive multiple Voicemail messages at once – your number never rings busy;
• “Announcement Only” option (callers cannot leave messages when activated);
• callers can preview and re-record Voicemail messages and mark as “Urgent”;
• no limit on the number of received Voicemail messages;
• online access allows you to listen to your email from any internet-connected PC;
• 90-day online storage;
• 5 minutes maximum Voicemail message length; and
• SMS (text message) notification and selective retrieval of new Voicemail messages.
    How much does the service cost?
  Subscription Charges
Call/Message Charges
Monthly Fee:
Included Call Credit:
Permanent Global Number:
Incoming calls to SIM:
  FREE in most countries
Call forwarding:
  FREE in most countries
Outgoing Calls:
  Rates based on tariffs
Conference Calls:
  Rates based on tariffs
Voicemail - alerting by SMS:
  $$$/ message
Voicemail - retrieval by phone:
  Rates based on tariffs
Voicemail - retrieval by PC:
SMS Text Messages (Outgoing):
  $0.25 / message
Per call surcharges or connection fees:
Account Balance & Helpdesk Calls:

Itemized, real-time, online Calls’ billing details:

    Where does the service work?

The service works in over 80 countries worldwide. This number will soon expand to over 100 countries. Check back often to our Website for more information on our expanded coverage areas.
With the SIM44 Sim Card, incoming calls are FREE in 55 countries. In other countries, call charges will apply, but such calls can still be considerably less expensive than using your existing network operator.

    Will the SIM card work with my mobile phone?

The service is compatible with most late model multi-band GSM mobile phones. *
However, you must first ensure that your mobile phone is unlocked. The easiest way to do this is to insert a SIM card from a different network into your phone. For example, if you have a T-Mobile SIM card, try inserting your friend’s Regular SIM card. If your phone operates normally, it is unlocked. However, if you receive a strange message on your screen, your phone is locked and you will need to contact your mobile operator and request an “unlock code”, which they are obliged to give you, although certain conditions may apply. For more detailed directions on how to unlock your phone, . Note: download our PDF guide listing headset compatibility click here If you do not want to use your current mobile phone you can purchase an unlocked phone from most independent mobile phone retailers. Visit our online store for a selection of compatible un-locked GSM phones available for sale.

    What networks will this SIM card operate on?
Our SIM will operate on the following networks:
• GSM 850 (USA);
• GSM 900 (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, parts of South and Central America);
• GSM 1800 (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia/Pacific, Brazil); and
• GSM 1900 (USA, Canada, South and Central America).

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