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Is a break-through product designed to serve the international traveler and multi-national resident SIM44 Customer – by consolidating one’s local, and international, phone numbers (Fixed-line and Mobile), with the convenience of a single global number. This number will enable family, friends and associates, who are anywhere in the world, to call one wherever one is in the world, at amazingly low-cost rates.

This service is easily setup via the Internet, instructing SIM44 to direct any in-coming call to: a specified telephone number (including to a back-up number or voicemail if the first number is “engaged”); in a specified geographical location; on a specified date (or between a range of dates); and even between specified “local” times. An integrated voice mail will be included.

SIM44 eliminates the tyranny of constantly having to advise multiple people of one’s whereabouts and which phone number(s) to use. It will also ensure the full anonymity of one’s geographical location.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the SIM44 service is the SIM44 GSM SIM Card which is included. With this unique SIM Card, the traveler will no longer be held hostage to outrageous telecom carriers' "roaming fees" and long distance retail charges. In fact, with this SIM44-SIM card, there will be dramatically reduced roaming fees - to the point that the SIM44 Customer will simply pay a flat per minute long distance wholesale charge per call - from any country to any country. This unique service is made possible through a combination of a strategic relationship between SIM44 and a Tier 1 mobile Telecom carrier, and the application of SIM44 revolutionary and unique "central communication hub technology."

There is no other competing product in the global Telecom market and this SIM44-SIM card will be compatible with any multi-band GSM mobile phone that is "unlocked".


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