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SIM44 offers full customization options; where its core technology can be applied using standardized toolsets defined in an API (Application Programming Interface). The API allows a development partner; or customer full network control; including the following.

Principal Features:
Call Initiation – to and from any DID number Worldwide (fixed and mobile)
Call Control – including dialing, hang-up, mute, conferencing
Call Recording – play back using standard windows media player
Call Announcement – customized greetings, prompts
Call Rating – assign rates / markup to complete A-Z list
CDR (Call Detail Records) – real-time metrics for all calls (viewable to agent, or customer)
Account Creation – including setup of administrator or simple user
Account Profile – defining default language, time zone
Directory – Ability to store personal numbers, either individual or shared

Add-In – TAPI interface (for use with Outlook, CRM application, directory synchronization between web client and PC using Plaxo

Back-Office – complete web-based functionality for account creation, billing type, commission statements, full usage metrics
Standardized Web Interface Templates – for Call Manger (and related screens for Directory, etc.), plus SIM44~Me interface

The following are examples of how SIM44’s API can be used:

Integration into existing networks

Using Microsoft’s™ “Web Services” standards, can give internal corporate developers the ability to directly attach and use Connect services with corporate Intranet/Extranet facilities or any internally developed program interface. Obvious uses for this are integration into a corporate telephone directory on an Intranet or Extranet.
The beauty of this solution is that it utilizes Web Services as they were intended, as links to a commodity item – in this case telephony. This makes the whole Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) painless and without overheads. You don’t need to wrestle with interconnectivity, telecoms protocols, physical connections to handsets or PBX so you communicate through a standard software layer using your existing user authentication and letting us do all the work for you.

Connect to using your IP-enabled PBX

If you use an IP-based PBX, such as switches manufactured by Mitel, Lucent, Alcatel or Cisco, you can now direct calls over the low-cost network using outward bound VoIP to terminate as opposed to using a local carrier. In particular, we are working with Cisco on full integration with their Call Manager product.
There are two choices of usage for this product. The first is to create VoIP at your IP-PBX and connect to our voice network over a data channel. The second is to keep VoIP within the control of your organization and use the intelligence of your IP-PBX to generate a request to open up a PSTN channel through your normal telephony trunks, but with our exceptional call costs.
As a by-product, the entire system acts as an interface to our other services. For instance, it will act as a ‘Call Accountant’ since all calls will be registered as they pass through the routing process, and then be available online within the central system. We can add features such as accounting codes, user PIN numbers and even recording through this interface.

Integrate into your own applications

Designed specifically for integration of SIM44 facilities into third party products, such as CRM applications, developers can now replicate all of SIM44’s features and services into custom applications through an API interface layer.
A variety of connection methods are available to suit the level of connection required. From simple encoded url strings to industry standard Web Services and SOAP interfaces right down to integration using a version of the Standard TAPI protocol driver.

For more information, please contact sim44@sim44.com

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