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    SIM44 Revolutionary Long-Distance & Conference Calling

Finally, a simple and cost-effective Long Distance and Conference Call service which can be used anytime, to and from anywhere in the world. Calls are initiated by the Caller using either a Web-browser (1a) or a Mobile Phone (1b) equipped with Text Messaging (SMS). The Caller's selected phone rings (2). When answered, SIM44 then instantly connects the Caller (2) with the Call Recipient (3). At any time, the Caller can conference in additional Call Recipients (4).

Conference Calling made simple:

It’s just as easy to Call ten people as it is to Call one person. Just enter the phone number for everyone you wish to conference in, or do so by selecting contacts from your personal Directory. Highlight those individuals you wish to Call / Conference Call - then click the Dial icon. It’s that simple. Once the Call is started, you can, with one click, perform the following operations: record the Call, mute it, hang-up, re-connect it, and/or, at will, add any number of new participants, who can themselves also drop-off, and reconnect, at will.

The SIM44 Web interface contains the Customers' personal Directories and their usage preferences

    SIM44 Connection - Features:


  • Built-in Directory;
  • GUI for Call control and status;
  • Ad-hoc Call conferencing – no reservations or passwords required;
  • Parallel dialing – dial multiple numbers at one time, or;
  • Add, drop, and re-add unlimited participants during any Conference Call; and
  • Convenient built-in Directories; including the set-up of specific Conference Call Groups


Text message a "short code" - SIM44 matches that code against entries in your Directory and initiates a Call to that contact.

    SIM44 Connection - Specifications:


  • Highest voice quality;
  • No software to download, hardware to configure;
  • Participants – no limit;
  • Initiation – Web, Mobile (SMS, WAP);
  • Talk using regular Land-line, Office or Mobile phones;
  • Add, hang-up, re-connect, mute, hold;
  • Display – Call status, time, cost;
  • Real-time Call detail;
  • Administrator control; and
  • Six-second billing after the first thirty seconds


Coming Soon:

Conference-by-Name (Dial-in) via Web or SMS

    SIM44 Connection - Requirements:


Web use:

- Internet Access

- Standard Fixed-Line or Mobile Phone


Mobile Use:

- GSM Mobile Phone


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