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The Caller initiates a toll-free Call by clicking on the SIM44~Me Icon (1) located on a Website, or sent as part of an email (example below). Within moments, the Caller’s phone rings (2) and are connected to the Call Recipient (3).

Clicking a SIM44~Me Icon on a Web page initiates the Call.

The Caller enters his/her phone number in an indicated text “box” and SIM44 then connects that Caller to a specified individual, without the need for expensive toll-free numbers or routing through ACD (automatic  call distribution) systems. This option:

Is extremely easy to use, it can even dial extensions – just click and talk!
eliminates costly 800 numbers;
allows Callers to can initiate Calls from anywhere in the world; and
can be used as a link within an e-mail or document

Click the pic to try it –
we’ll connect you to us!



Integrate into any website with simple html code
Easily inserted into email – as part of a signature file
SIM44~Me icons are readily customized to suit any business.

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