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SIM44’s technology can connect a Business to their Customer, who may be located anywhere in the world, via a toll-free phone call. The Customer enters the designated name/department in the Dial-by-Name text box on the Business’s website (1) and clicks "Dial." Next, the Customer’s selected phone rings (2) and he or she is then connected to the Business’s Customer Support Representative (3) - either a designated individual or a specific department.

An alternative to Toll-Free Numbers:

With Dial-by-Name, any Business with a Website can provide a simple method for Customers to phone any of their departments, or individual personnel, easily and toll-free.  When a Customer enters a name into the Dial-by-Name text “box” on the Website, such as  “Support”, SIM44 can route the Customer directly to the appropriate telephone number. A Web window opens for the Customer, who is prompted to enter his/her phone number. Once the Customer clicks "Dial", SIM44 then connects both numbers – at  no cost to the Caller. The system:


is extremely easy to use, as it simplifies and improves the “Customer” experience;

can be directed to a specific extension number;
eliminates costly 800 numbers; and

removes the need to route Calls through a touch-tone Menu


Integrate into any website with simple html code

Internet Access
Standard Fixed-Line or Mobile Phone

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