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The SIM44~Shack is a simple down-loadable application that can be used to initiate and control multiple calls for businesses that provide long-distance services to a walk-in clientele. The SIM44~Shack application uses SIM44’s proprietary network, thereby providing the highest quality calls at the lowest prices – and can be used anywhere in the world.


Only requires an Internet connection and any form of direct dial phones (Fixed-analogue lines, Mobile phones, etc).


Can control an unlimited number of lines.


Simple interface for Call control, status, timing and cost calculations.

Multi-lingual and multi-currency.


No storage of any data either on the machine for configuration, or for cost recording purposes.


All data is held centrally and securely, with receipt re-call available through an administrator log-in, which is accessed via the Internet.

A new way to set-up, and manage, cash-based, and timed, telephone Calls -
without any infrastructure overhead.

Computer with Internet Access
Multiple Fixed-Line or Mobile Phones

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