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SIM44 uses an open system architecture that makes it possible to provide connectivity solutions to Customers across a wide array of communications channels. We package these systems in unique and innovative ways, without re-designing or re-developing the core architecture.

We use common protocols and standards, such as SIP and Web Services. By following industry standards, we facilitate simple and seamless connections with third-party providers.

SIM44 has formed strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading brokers of wholesale telephone rates and it has access to hundreds of service providers, which gives SIM44 the ability to “rate-versus-quality-shop.” SIM44 thus delivers a voice signal that meets the highest standards of clarity, yet has the lowest possible cost.

SIM44 has deployed both communication systems and network in three locations, Canada the United Kingdom and France shortly to be added to this list of locations. This distributed network allows for easy adaptation to Customer or partner needs, plus it gives us full scalability and network resilience.

SIM44 card is the core SIM44 product and enabler service. Consider it a Hub from which all our Customers connect and all our Call Products emanate.

SIM44 is our central network that bridges our system’s data and wholesale long distance backbone, with the best voice quality/least cost routing and real-time billing.

SIM44 delivers services to our Customers via standard PSTN (public switched telephone network) connections, mobile phones, PBX systems and the Web. It also connects via standard VoIP software or can be integrated into data networks used by SIM44 Customers.


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